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[HTTP] MFRipper v3.60: MediaFire Direct Link Grabber/Ripper

MFRipper is a .NET application I made that rips a list of MediaFire links and returns the direct links to the files.

It essentially gives you MediaFire Pro access without paying for it, but it takes some time to process links. However, rest assured that it is exponentially faster than clicking through all the links yourself.

MFRipper v3.60

Browser/Global Integration:

VirusTotal Report:


Download (55kb, requires .NET framework):





04/29/11 (v3.60)
-Fixed the issue that made MFRipper unusable for users who did not use a previous version of MFRipper.
(NullReferenceException error fixed)

04/23/11 (v3.57)
-Fixed an Options issue that caused an runtime error

04/23/11 (v3.56)
-Added the ability to automatically save links that have been ripped, in case MFRipper crashes. Can be accessed from Help->Options..
-Fixed an issue that caused some people to experience a massive number of Mediafire pop-up windows
-Reduced some memory leaking issues. MFRipper may need to be restarted after executing a large amount of links or jobs if you start to experience crashes.
-Added support for folders that use a sharekey in the URL
-Fixed Progress Unstuck button, now relocated to status bar

04/03/11 (v3.50)
-MFRipper is now able to automatically start the batch download from IDM after direct links have been
grabbed. You can turn this feature on or off from Help->Options..
-Link errors now display correctly; MFRipper no longer crashes when it detects invalid links.
-Password protected links now retrieve correctly.
-MFRipper now self-updates! You will be notified when a new version is available, and MFRipper will automatically update itself.

03/27/11 (v3.02)
-Fixed an issue with global integration that caused MFRipper to crash at random times
-"Rip Mediafire Links..." button now appears, disappears more conveniently

03/24/11 (v3.00)
-Updated MFRipper to work with new Mediafire site updates implemented in late March 2011
-Grabbing speed completely overhauled and optimized (final optimization)
-Fixed [object error] and Unhandled Exception errors
-Can now abort jobs and restart at any time without closing program
-Invalid links error messages improved; all problematic links can now be copied/pasted for future reference
-Added Progress Stuck? button to Help; should unfreeze MFRipper if the progress hasn't moved for a while.

02/20/11 (v2.02)
-Fixed a copying bug where copying the same # of new links after a previous job
had old links in the grab list.
-Integration is now less intrusive.

02/11/11 (v2.00)
-Added Browser/Global Integration; no longer any need to copy and paste links
into MFRipper. Simply copy any MediaFire links and MFRipper will pop up a
button at your mouse location for you to rip the links.
-Added Run on Startup option; can be accessed from Help->Options..
-Added Delete option for processed Mediafire links list; you can either hit
the Delete key or right click to clean out unwanted entries.
-MFRipper now prompts you to ensure that you actually want to quit if it's
in the middle of a job
-MFRipper minimizes to the tray when closed. Use File->Exit to close.

02/08/11 (v1.15)
-Improved link filtering; can now copy and process entire google result pages
(Extremely useful with the site:mediafire.com "album/game/movie/software" trick)

01/25/2011 (v1.14)
-Fixed link filtering bug (now correctly filters out all copy paste garbage)
-Enabled Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C for easier copy/pasting

01/13/2011 (v1.12)
-Fixed Captcha hangs
-Fixed HTTP 500 errors

01/10/2011 (v1.10)
-Maximized overall link grabbing speed
-Maximized folder grabbing speed
-Fixed folder grab hangs
-Fixed error detection

01/05/2011 (v1.07)
-MediaFire links in /file/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ format now recognized
-Links now process faster
-Fixed bad link detection that would cause program hangs
-Bad jobs can now be restarted without exiting MFRipper
-New jobs now display grabbed links correctly
-Fixed link copy bugs
-Can now copy multiple direct/original links at any time
-Improved Save Links to File function


What is MFRipper?
MFRipper takes a list of MediaFire links and retrieves their direct links/URLs.

This allows you to download MediaFire links en masse using your favorite
download manager, such as IDM or FlashGet.

For example, after MFRipper has finished a list of links, you can copy them
and use IDM's Batch Download From Clipboard function.

Entering Links:
Only 1 link per line, or 1 MediaFire Folder link.
MFRip will rip the folder for you.

If a MediaFire folder link is entered, any other links entered with it will be ignored.
You will have to re-enter those other links if you still wish to grab them.

MFRipper will prompt you for a password when appropriate.
Simply enter the password to the file to continue ripping links.

MFRipper will prompt you for a Captcha when appropriate.
Enter it until you get it right to continue ripping links.
You can get a new Captcha image by hitting the Refresh button.

I was hoping you guys could test it and see if there are any bugs. I am aware that sometimes the program may hang for a few seconds when it detects a Captcha..but I cannot always reproduce the situation. Please let me know if this happens to you; I will try to rectify the problem.

Also, I know this post looks extremely suspicious because I only have ten posts. Typically low post users who post a download usually load their uploads with viruses/trojans/etc. However, I have been around since this site was spawned as an alternative to ProjectW when it died. It seems the community has gotten much larger though!

I understand completely if you do not trust the download. Use SandBoxie to make sure it's not malicious if you would like.

Thank you for your time and I hope this will make MediaFire links easier for everyone to download.

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