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Pixel Ruler v4.0

Pixel Ruler v4.0

Pixel Ruler, your Free Virtual Screen Ruler

Know the exact size and position of any element with this screen ruler.
Pixel Ruler features horizontal and vertical orientation, dynamic mouse measurement tracking in pixels, cool design.

Pixel Ruler 4.0: your virtual screen ruler

Pixel Ruler functionalities

  Free and easy to use virtual screen ruler ;
  Float over your screen ;
  Work with all applications ;
  Show measurements in Pixels ;
  Rotate to horizontal or vertical position;
  Auto-size, up to 2500 pixels width or 1500 pixels height.

Quick Help

  Drag to move ;
  Click to rotate ;
  Right-click to close.

License and pricing

Pixel Ruler is free.
After 50 uses, a dialog box will be displayed at startup with a link to purchase a license.
You can still use the free version of Pixel Ruler with no time limit but the license is not expensive ($5) and is a contribution to the next release.

But i have Portable now... ^_^



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